My Story

My Story   Just to give you a little history on this portable boat parking unit, it was designed, engineered, and manufactured by myself as a NEED.   
I am a very avid camper and like to park my boat where I can see it from my camp sight, and don’t like pulling my boat in, and out of the water using the boat ramp.
So I parked on a spare tire like most people do, Until one stormy night I awoke to the whole back-end of my boat under the water, there was a hole punched through the fiberglass, from a rock on the Lake shore. Needless to say but my vacation was pretty much a disaster.

So in 1998 the Boat Beacher was put to the test, It was gaudy and very big but worked like a charm, Just as smooth as parking on your boat trailer and it served its purpose by keeping my boat off the rocks for many years. Since then I have redesigned the Boat Beacher for strength, ease of assembly, Patented rotating bunks that conform to your boat hull, whether it be a V bottom, flat bottom, or Try Hull, and all getting lighter, and easier to use.

The current  Boat Beacher is fully adjustable with a maximum bunk to bunk width of 37.5 inches, to a minimum 8.5 inches for all small to medium sized water crafts, and disassembles very easily, all weighing under 32 lb, and it’s amazing to park on too…  

Thank you for your Consideration in joining The Boat Beacher Family  
Troy Davis CNC Manufacturing Technologies LLC
Marshfield Mo.